Trampoline Bridge Across the Seine, Paris

A recent competition entitled “A Bridge in Paris” has attacted an entry from AZC (Atelier Zundel Cristea) for a trampoline bridge across the River Seine.

Trampoline Bridge across the Seine, Paris

The trampoline bridge would have three separate sections linked by walkways, presumably also made bouncy like trampolines. The designers say, “We propose, now, a distinctive urban feature: Saut de Seine, an inflatable bridge equipped with giant trampolines, dedicated to the joyful release from gravity as one bounces above the river.” The structure would use floating buoys covered in a PVC membrane and tied together with cord to provide the base. The trampolines would be supported from the river banks, the floating buoys and by large inflatable tubes.


Trampoline Bridge from above

The trampoline bridge would be located near the Bir-Hakeim Bridge to give the users a unique view of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.  In the words of the designers, ” The Saut de Seine allows every visitor a novel view of Paris from his or her own unique spatial position: upright and leaping, upside down and tumbling, gliding above like a circus performer”

View of the trampoline bridge from the River Seine

The inflatable modules supporting the bridge are like giant life rings filled with a total of 3,700 cubic meters of air and across each ring a large trampoline mat is stretched.


The shape of the air filled supporting tubes allows space under the bridge for low vessels to pass underneath.  The structure is also semi-permanent so could be moved if necessary.  This may seem an ambitious, and perhaps impractical idea, but it would certainly be popular and very innovative.

You might wonder what was thought when the concept of the Eiffel Tower was first suggested?

Trampoline Fun!

The bridge’s designers at AZC compare the position of the trampoline to the Eiffel Tower and say, “We think the superposition of these two works reveals a specific kind of architecture: one designed to install an experience of happiness in the city.”  And what better way to make people happy than give them a large trampoline to bounce on.


Author: Bob Bounce

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