Raising funds with trampolines

No matter where you are, pick up a local newspaper and you’ll find countless stories of groups or individuals raising funds for numerous charities. From sponsored walks to swims and silences to singing, there isn’t a day where the public haven’t dug deep into their pockets to support their chosen cause.

With increasing regularity, trampolines are being used to fundraise. A church fete or school fun-day will happily have a trampoline set erected so the visitors can pay for a five minute bounce. For the duration of the event there will be a constant queue of children waiting for their turn.

Alternatively, sponsored events can easily utilise a trampoline in a number of ways.
One could be an endurance event by organising a 12 or 24 hour Bounceathon. For those of you who have used a trampoline and know how tired you become after 10 minutes bouncing you’ll realise a team of people will be needed, taking it in turns for the duration to ensure continuous bouncing.

Club venues which have a number of trampolines erected can have several bouncers on the go at one time. Whether an individual or a team is raising funds they could do so by being sponsored for the number of jumps completed within a given period. Observers could tally the bounces, a simple automated bounce-counter is readily available but many smart-phones have the capability to count using their accelerometer.

For the more experienced trampolinists, the number of somersaults completed within a given period could be sponsored although great care should be taken not to exceed your safe capabilities.

Whichever way you choose to fundraise using your trampoline, what a fun way to support a good cause.

Author: Bob Bounce

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