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Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads (or trampoline spring padding as we call it) will often need replacing at this time of year.  During the Summer many of the cheaper and poorly made trampoline padding will crack in the heat, especially if they are … Continue reading

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My boyfriend is like a trampoline, I don’t have a trampoline.

For some reason this has become a very popular tweet on Twitter by girls.  “My boyfriend is like a trampoline, I don’t have a trampoline”. It seems for many girls a trampoline and a boyfriend are equally as important.  But … Continue reading

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Sleeping out on a trampoline

Trampolines are great for bouncing on but also for resting on.  On a hot sunny day where better to lie down and catch some rays. The trampoline mat is very comfortable and the gentle movement can rock you to sleep.  … Continue reading

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How to sink a trampoline in the ground

It is becoming increasingly popular to install your trampoline in the garden at ground level by sinking it into the ground.  This has a number of advantages, firstly a sunken trampoline is less visible so will be less obvious and … Continue reading

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Trampoline Inventor & Entertainer – Larry Griswold

I’m often asked “Who invented the trampoline?”.   The person most usually associated with this invention is George Nissen as he was actively involved in promoting the product and the sport until his death in 2010.  However he also had a … Continue reading

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Wall Trampoline

This is “wall trampoline” a new activity that first developed in the circus world with organistations like Cirque du Soleil, who have used it in some of their shows.   It is now fast developing as a sport and integating with … Continue reading

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Trampoline in the snow

This is a great video made by some teenagers in Sweden showing the fun they have on their trampoline even in the snow.  It’s great to see children enjoying themselves in such simple ways with just the snow and a … Continue reading

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