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Trampoline App – iTrampoline

iTrampoline is the world’s first iPhone application designed for use on a trampoline.  It has been developed by Atlantic Trampolines, the UK’s leading garden trampoline supplier.  iTrampoline makes use of the ingenious accelerometer technology incorporated within an iPhone which enables the … Continue reading

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Children on Trampolines

The Milly-Molly-Mandy Stories (1928) by Joyce Lankester Brisley opens with the following verse: It’s good to be sitting still, And it’s good to be running wild, And it’s good to be by yourself alone Or with another child. And whether … Continue reading

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Synchronized Trampoline World Championships 2010

Competitive trampolining is difficult enough without the added skill of having to copy your co-competitor. This video was taken at the Synchronized Trampoline World Championships in 2010. Remarkable to watch! We suggest you don’t try to copy this at home … Continue reading

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Stay-at-Home Mum

Author: Bob Bounce

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Skirting the issue

We have frequently been asked how to install a trampoline safety skirt – is there a right and a wrong way? The simple answer to that is yes and doing it right can make the difference between a 5 minute … Continue reading

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Geri Halliwell on a Trampoline

We loved these photos of Geri Halliwell, the former Spice Girl, bouncing on a trampoline.  It demonstrates perfectly how bouncing can really get the happy hormones going.   It seems it is nearly impossible to bounce on a trampoline and not … Continue reading

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Spot the Trampoline

After the severe Winter weather many trampolines have have been damaged due to high winds, cold temperatures and not being secured to the ground.  This trampoline in the USA ended up in the trees. The lesson is to make sure … Continue reading

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