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Trampoline from Atlantic Trampolines

When someone tells me about their new business idea the first question I ask them is “What problem are you going to solve?” If a new business idea solves a genuine need then it is likely that they will find a ready market. This is exactly what we set out to do back in 2005 when we established Atlantic Trampolines. It is not obvious where one goes to buy a trampoline. If you want a lawn mower you go to the local garden centre or specialist lawnmower agent. If you want a bicycle you might go to a cycle shop in the High Street or to Halfords, but where would you go to get a children’s trampoline.

I was reminded of this reason d’etre when at a party recently. I heard behind me a lady discussing what she was planning to buy her son for his forthcoming birthday. She wanted to buy him a trampoline and asked her friend “..but where do I go to buy a trampoline?” At that point I heard her friend laughing, as I knew the friend and she knew I was listening to what was going on. In reply to the question she called over to me and introduced me to the lady who had asked the question. After laughing over the coincidence, that she had posed this question with a trampoline seller sat right behind her, she pressed me as to what the options where for finding a trampoline for her son. This is a summary of what I told her, and which might be useful to you also.

DIY “Shed” Warehouse

You will often find a few trampolines in the local DIY “Shed” along side patio furniture and paint brushes. Usually they will not have much of a range of sizes or accessories to choose from. It is rare to see one errected as they take up too much room, this means you have no guide as to the quality of what you are buying. If the safety enclosures are boxed separately often you will find they have run out as these are in strong demand as a separate item on their own. The staff are not specialist in the product so will be unable to answer simple questions, such as how easy it is to put together. If you find any parts are missing when you get it home it could take weeks to get replacements, if these are available at all. On top of all this you will find the boxes are heavy and difficult to maneuver and you will need a very large boot or 4×4 type vehicle to transport the boxes home. These outlets will only have trampolines available as a seasonal product in the Spring months. About the only advantage is that you might be able to get a trampoline the same day but you risk a wasted journey if the size you want is not available. With Atlantic Trampolines all our orders are despatched the same day for next day delivery, and that is included in the price.

Toy shop or other similar retailer

Very rarely will a top shop or similar retailer have a trampoline on display. This is because they take up too much room. This means you will have no idea of the quality of the product they sell unless it is a brand you know and trust. Atlantic’s trampolines are only available currently direct from Atlantic Trampolines and not through other retailers. Rarely will these shops hold any stock of trampolines so you will usually have to wait for a home delivery. This could take days or even weeks. A leading store is currently quoting delivery of up to seven weeks! Once again the staff are unlikely to be provide much advice as they will not be specialists.

Other internet sellers

There are a myriad of internet companies selling trampolines but, as far as I know, Atlantic Trampolines are the only ones who sell ONLY trampolines. Most of these companies have a warehouse that looks like Aladdin’s cave with an assortment of goods sold through various websites. The difficulty is that tomorrow they may not be selling trampolines anymore and may not be able to provide the after sales support and back-up you need. Once again their staff may not be specialists and have little or no product knowledge. Delivery can we slow also, often taking up to two weeks even when they have the product in stock.

Atlantic Trampolines offer the best solution to source your new trampoline

Atlantic Trampolines offer a range of seven (!) sizes plus all the related accessories and spares. We hold some of the biggest stocks in the industry so are most likely to have what you need ready for immediate despatch. All our sales are sent out for next working day delivery meaning you get your goods in double quick time. We sell only trampolines so our staff are experts and it is likely they have dealt with the same questions you have many times over. We also intend to stay in the trampoline business for many years to come so will be available in the future to supply any spares you need to keep your Atlantic Trampoline in the very best tip-top condition. You can order easily online or on our freephone Trampo-line 0800 032 5879.

We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to place your order with us. There is really no reason to buy elsewhere.

Author: Bob Bounce

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