Trampolines should be tied down in stormy weather says AA Insurance

Recent storms have led to a large increase in the number of insurance claims compared with this time last year according to AA Insurance.

Simon Douglas, a director of AA Insurance, said the most common claims were for damage caused by dislodged roof tiles or tree branches. 

“Other claims are from items not fixed to the ground – including eight cars damaged by trampolines, dozens of wheelie bins, garden sheds, TV aerials, a church hall roof even a dingy”  said Douglas.  “Several clients had their car door whipped out of their hand by a gust of wind, breaking hinge mechanisms, smashing glass or damaging a vehicle parked in the neighbouring space”.

In North Wales a trampoline brought down a power line in Bodedern, near Holyhead.  Another landed on a car in Bala and in Wrexham one flew into a house.

This goes to show the importance of using a trampoline anchor kit to secure a trampoline to the ground, especially when high winds are forecast.   A trampoline anchor kit costs around £20 and can avoid a trampoline taking off in the wind and causing considerable damage.    Care needs to be taken though when installing the trampoline anchor kit so the whole frame (including the trampoline ring) is secured to the ground and not just the bottom section of the legs which rest on the ground.   This is because the main part of the trampoline can become disconnected from the legs and take off by itself.

Author: Bob Bounce

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