Trampoline in the snow

This is a great video made by some teenagers in Sweden showing the fun they have on their trampoline even in the snow.  It’s great to see children enjoying themselves in such simple ways with just the snow and a trampoline.  Some people think the trampoline is only for Summer use but, as this video shows, they can easily be used all year round.  Children soon warm up when bouncing and do not feel the cold like their parents do.  And what a great way to get some exercise!

We do not suggest more then one person goes on a trampoline at a time but these guys seem to have a good idea of what they are doing and come to no harm.  You will notice that normally only one person bounces at a time while the others watch.

With snow forecast for the UK this weekend this could give an ideal opportunity to try this out for yourselves on your own trampoline.

Trampoline unused in Winter

Fun on a trampoline in the snow

Author: Bob Bounce

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