Sleeping out on a trampoline

Sleeping out on a trampoline

Trampolines are great for bouncing on but also for resting on.  On a hot sunny day where better to lie down and catch some rays. The trampoline mat is very comfortable and the gentle movement can rock you to sleep.  There is plenty of room for your family and friends too.

As the sun goes down and the moon rises lying on a trampoline is a great place to look up at the stars.

Then you might decide to spend the night on the trampoline and sleep outside.  It can get cold so you need to have lots of sleeping bags or duvets and make sure there is something underneath you.  We suggest you use the trampoline cover spread over the trampoline mat as a sort of ground sheet.   If there are a few of you all sleeping together on the trampoline then you need to experiment to find a formation that means you don’t all roll together.

As the evening draws in then it can get cold sleeping on a trampoline and there is always the risk of rain too.  Atlantic Trampolines have two options to make sleeping out on a trampoline more comfortable.  The trampoline tent sits over the trampoline like a dome, or half-sphere, and is available to fit most sizes of round trampoline.  It has two doors and four mesh covered windows, which are covered with zipped covers.  It is also shower proof.

Atlantic Trampoline Tent

The trampoline tent secures to the trampoline with brackets that attach to the upright frame posts. This allows the tent to hinge and fold down like the roof on a convertible car. The tent can easily be raised if it gets cold or starts to rain during the night. The tent secures to the trampoline frame with some simple fabric ties.  To install the trampoline tent you will need to remove all, or part, of the safety enclosure.

The trampoline circus tent is a fun alternative to the trampoline tent and you do not need to remove the trampoline safety enclosure first.  In fact the circus tent requires a safety enclosure as it needs the poles to secure to and for support.  There is more room in the circus tent and young children can still bounce on the trampoline when it is installed.  If you are thinking of buying the circus trampoline tent to fit to an existing trampoline that is not an Atlantic Trampoline then please check with us first as the pole top caps need to be of a particular design for the circus tent to fit on to (bobble top caps see photo

If you enjoy sleeping out on your trampoline then let us know any tips you have for a comfortable night.  And if you have some photos send them to us and we’ll display them on the blog.

Trampoline Circus Tent or Play House

You may prefer though to sleep on your trampoline without the protection of  a tent.  This can be a wonderful experience if it is a clear night as you can fall asleep watching the stars and wake to the sun rising in the sky.   Beware of a heavy dew though as this can make the trampoline mat and your bedding very damp.
Author: Bob Bounce

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  1. Mark Plews says:

    I have the 12ft tent on my trampoline and have slept out a few nights on it after coming home late and been locked out of the house by my better half, had a great nights sleep on the jump mat and more comfy than a water bed.

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