Trampoline Safety

Trampolines have a poor image with some people owing to the reputation they have for children hurting themselves when using them.  This is unfortunate as when a trampoline is used correctly it can provide hours of fun and exercise for children, their families and their friends.   All play involves some risks like cycling on a bike or climbing a tree, even playing football or running down the pavement.  Learning to understand risk is part of growing up.  The trampoline also offers a very valuable source of exercise for children when play outside of the boundaries of the family home if often restricted.

Follow some simple rules to play safely on your trampoline

I was asked recently to give some simple rules that we recommend people follow when using our garden trampolines.  All our trampolines come with full safety instructions and we recommend parents read these before the trampoline gets used for the first time.  We suggest parents then discuss the safety instructions with their children and, if necessary, attach the safety sheet to the outside of the trampoline for all users to read.

It is then down to the parents and the children to ensure the rules are adhered to. Safety is everyones responsibility and understanding the risks involved is vital.  We also recommend taking classes at your local trampoline club as this is a great way to improve your skills on a trampoline.

Five Rules for Trampoline Safety

My turn! One person at a time – at all times. 75% of all injuries occur when more than one person is on the trampoline

No summersaults or complicated moves you aren’t trained for. We suggest you join a gymnastics club to practice these skills

Trampoline should not be used if it is damaged in any way, for instance the netting is ripped or the padding covering the springs is missing.  We supply all the replacement parts for our trampolines (and most other makes too) and our Trampo-line team can give advice on what you need.

Never go underneath a trampoline when someone is using it. Fit a safety skirt if necessary to stop children and animals going under the trampoline when it is in use. We supply a range of trampoline skirt sizes to fit round trampolines.

Never jump off a trampoline. You could hurt yourself by jumping off the trampoline on to the ground.  To get off stop bouncing, then climb down using a trampoline ladder that is secure.

We believe that if you follow these rules your risk of injury when using a trampoline will be significantly reduced.  All that’s needed is a little common sense for hours and hours of safe fun and exercise!

Author: Bob Bounce

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