Keeping Fit in Old Age

Trampolines are often thought of as a piece of equipment used only by children and young people.  But the exercise benefits of trampolining are becoming increasingly appreciated by all age groups.  Trampolining is a great way to build and develop core stability and according to NASA it is 68% more efficient than jogging.  It does less harm to joints as it is not an impact sport and it is fun as well.

This video features Elliott Royce, a 93 year old gentleman from St Louis Park, Minnesota.  He took up trampolining later in life than most trampolinists and describes some of the benefits he has got from it.

We have lots of customers who are grandparents and buy a trampoline for their grandchildren to use when they come visiting.  I wonder how many older people have tried to use the trampoline for their own benefit?

Royce points to another elderly gentleman he works out with as a great example of why the trampoline program he attends is so great – the man could barely walk when he first started, but he is now able to move around much better.

Pat Henderson, the program’s director says “All seniors that come in for my adult program, they learn how to fall. If you know how to fall, you know how to stand up”.

So, if you plan on keeping fit in old age perhaps try out a trampoline. Atlantic Trampolines are the perfect choice as they come complete with a trampoline ladder and a safety enclosure, so if you should fall you will not fall off the trampoline.

Author: Bob Bounce

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