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Having fun on an Atlantic Trampolines' trampoline.As you may have seen from our previous blog, next week sees the start of Child Safety Week, a campaign organised and run by The Child Accident Prevention Trust.

Inspired by the campaign and what it aims to deliver and our own stance on trampoline safety, we have been conducting research into safe trampolining and why an enclosure to go with your trampoline. We’ve seen some interesting results, ones we think will make your mind up when deciding whether you need a safety enclosure or not.

Atlantic Trampoline’s Director Andrew Jardine said: ‘We are urging parents to make sure their trampoline has a safety enclosure and if not to buy one now. Hospital statistics consistently show that at least a third of garden trampoline accidents occur on trampolines with no safety enclosure and therefore could have been avoided if an enclosure were
present. I see many trampolines in people’s gardens today with no enclosures and it’s such an easy thing to fix. As this is Child Safety Week, we are asking parents to take time out from their busy lives to think seriously about trampoline safety and get a net.’

For more information, have a look at our Trampoline Safety Enclosure campaign and for details of all our safety enclosures and trampolines, take a look at our summer offers.

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