Trampoline Clubs

Trampoline clubs are available in most large towns and cities

Trampoline clubs are available in most large towns and cities

We are now maintaining a list of all the trampolines clubs we know of in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The list is organised by county and then alphabetically by the name of the club.  Counties in England are shown first, followed by counties and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  We are showing the address of the club site plus the most up to date contact telephone number and email address we can find.  Where we can, we have included a link to the website for each club by making the trampoline club name clickable.

If you find any errors in our information then please let us know by emailing us or posting a comment to this blog.  If you know of a trampoline club that has not been included then please send us the relevant information and we will include them in our list.  We are hoping this will become the first choice reference point for people looking for a local trampoline club.

Click here to find trampoline club a local to you.

Joining a trampoline club can offer a great introduction to the sport of trampolining.  Trampolining is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old, able and for those with special needs.  The benefits include getting fitter, building confidence, learning discipline and, of course, developing a new skill that could lead to competitive success, even, perhaps to an Olympic medal for those that excel at it.  Joining a trampoline club is particularly popular with those using garden trampolines who wish to develop their skills further in a professionally managed environment.

Trampoline clubs usually offer regular training session on a weekly basis to meet a range of abilities and requirements.  They will also arrange entry to local, regional and national competitions so their members have the opportunity to test their skills against others trampolinists in a competitive setting.  Opportunities are usually available for intensive courses and for those with special needs.

We encourage anyone buying a garden trampoline to join their local trampoline club to develop their skills in the sport to the maximum.

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