Lack of Vitamin D can be overcome by playing outside

It was widely reported today that a young girl, Tyler Atrill, 12, endured pain after a lack of sun on her skin nearly caused to suffer the bone disease Rickets, thought to have been eradicated nearly 80 years ago.

We wrote recently about lack of vitamin D being a problem for some children, and we talked about how outdoor play can be a extremely beneficial for young children not just based on this reason but for a whole host of others.

Tyler had factor 50 Sun Block applied to her skin every day which caused the deficiency of the vitamin, while she played outside.

She was diagnosed in November after being in severe pain in her legs. She is however one of a growing number of children found to have the condition after not being or playing outdoors enough. or applying too much sun protection.

Doctors have urged people to spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day in the midday sun without sun cream three times a week, perfect for a session on the trampoline!

Taken from a National Newspaper..

In November, Professor Nicholas Clarke, an orthopaedic surgeon at Southampton General hospital who also treated Tyler, warned of an ‘astonishing’ resurgence of rickets.
He studied 200 children suffering from bone conditions and found 40 of them had rickets.
Mrs Attrill said Professor Clarke told her the liberal application of sunscreen was likely to have caused Tyler’s vitamin D deficiency.
‘It makes me feel guilty, but parents are encouraged to use factor 50 on their children to prevent skin cancer later in life.’

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