Childrens’ Safety

At Atlantic Trampolines we treat the safety of children and other users of our products as of paramount importance. But children can have accidents on all play equipment for example when on a bicycle, a climbing frame or when using a skipping rope. RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, of which Atlantic Trampolines are members, has some useful guidance for safety when using a trampoline and they comment, “Play often leads to children being hurt – it is part of growing up. There are bound to be a few bumps and bruises. Trampolining can be enjoyed safely if a few simple guidelines are followed.” And as a play expert said to me recently, “better your child learns about risks when they are six by perhaps falling a couple of feet and getting a bruise, than learning about it when they are sixteen when the injury could be far more serious”. Follow this link for RoSPA’s trampoline safety guide.

Road accidents probably pose the greatest risk to our children today. And learning about risk on a piece of play equipment in a garden could help to make children more aware of the risks outside the relative safety of your own home. Recent research conducted at the Royal Holloway, University London studied one hundred children to see how fast they thought vehicles were travelling. The study showed that whilst adults could judge speeds of up to 50 mph, children of primary school age where not able to judge speeds of vehicles travelling faster than 20 mph. So remember that your children may not realise the risks that are obvious to you. They may think vehicles are travelling slower than they are. Remember also to keep your speed down when you are driving in areas where young children may be crossing or playing.

Road Safety Week is taking place this year between 21 and 27 November 2011.

Atlantic Trampolines are members of RoSPA and supporters of the Child Accident Prevention Trust.
Author: Bob Bounce

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