Yet another Happy Customer!

Another Happy Customer of Atlantic Trampolines

We receive many comments from satisfied customers and it is always pleasing to know that we have made a good impression. We really try to stand out, not only by the good quality of our products but wrapping it all up with excellent customer service too. Too many businesses seem to take their customers for granted but at Atlantic Trampolines we believe that a happy customer is our greatest salesman so we want to make sure they all go away with a smile on their face. Here’s some typical feedback from a happy customer:

“I have just spoken to Mark. Your level of politeness, customer service and general assistance is absolutely outstanding, Mark in particular should be commended. In this day and age to find good old fashioned customer service is so pleasing WELL DONE AND THANK YOU. ”

So thank you Mr Boothby for taking the time to let us know how well we did. Please tell all your friends and maybe we’ll get the chance to delight them too!

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