Trampoline Cover

Trampoline cover

As the glorious weekend weather, like a fabulous Summer finale, the hotest October weekend on record, fades into a memory we must now accept that Autumn really is with us and your attention will turn to jobs in the garden like putting the garden furniture in the shed, raking up the leaves and applying some Autumn lawn feed.  If you have a trampoline a trampoline cover is a particularly useful accessory at this time of year.  If you bought your trampoline from Atlantic Trampolines you will already have a cover as we supply a trampoline cover with every trampoline we sell.  But if you haven’t got one we sell them separately for a full range of sizes of round trampolines.

The trampoline weather cover provides useful protection for the trampoline mat and the trampoline padding from falling leaves, bird droppings and other debris that may blow around the garden during the storms that we frequently get before Christmas.   Prices for our trampoline covers range from £20.99 to £37.99, which include free next day UK mainland delivery.  Given the damage that bad weather and fireworks could cause to a trampoline the cover can be a very sensible purchase.

As Winter approaches you may also want to colapse your trampoline enclosure and the trampoline cover can be used to secure the enclosure net and poles under the weather cover to keep them safe until the Spring.

If you need advice on which trampoline cover to buy or how to use it them please call us on the freephone Trampo-line 0800 032 5879.

Author: Bob Bounce

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