10ft Trampoline

10ft Trampoline

Our 10ft trampoline package is one of our best sellers probably because it is large enough even for teenagers to enjoy yet it will fit into most smaller gardens.  The 10ft trampoline with enclosure package comes complete with a ladder and cover, both very useful accessories which most suppliers offer as added extras for an additional charge.

Our safety enclosure fits around the edge of the trampoline so there is no loss of bouncing space and there is a tight fit so no risk of the bouncer falling through any gaps.  The entrance way is by means of a zipped “L” shaped door which is easily opened with one hand allowing the jumper their other hand to hold on to the trampoline as they enter or exit.  The ease of use also means it is less likely to be left open while the user is on the trampoline.

The 10ft trampoline is easy to put together and, if necessary, can be done by one person in about an hour and a half, or by two people in under an hour.   The only tools needed are supplied free of charge.   A clamp tool is used to compress the “wings” in the T sections on the trampoline frame.  This enables the T sections to be fixed to the vertical tubes on the frame.  This tool, when extended is also used to help pull the mat springs on to the frame.  A small spanner is supplied to tighten the nuts supplied with the enclosure fixing caps.

The 10ft trampoline is very popular also because it is great value.  Made of high quality steel, galvanised both inside and out to protect it from rust, it comes with a 5 year guarantee on the frame due to failure from rust and all the other parts of the trampoline have a 1 year warranty

Author: Bob Bounce

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