A great new product but keep a lid on it!

As a parent do you ever see your little ones staring through the window at the rain outside, wishing it would stop so they can go out and play on their trampoline? The Great British weather lets us down so often and creates many bored and glum faces. We now have an answer to the problem in the form of our Trampoline Roof Tent.

atlantic trampoline roof

Atlantic Trampoline Roof

It’s quick and easy to put up and fits directly onto the top of the trampoline safety enclosure so you can retain the safe play environment whilst keeping the rain off the children jumping. It also keeps leaves, twigs and birds mess off the trampoline jump mat so the set can be used straight away without the need to wipe or brush the mess off the jump mat.

Our conventional dome trampoline tents are great for camping out on the trampoline or using it as a den. The new trampoline play roof tents also mean greater head room when bouncing – up to 9ft depending on the trampoline’s diameter.

If we are lucky enough to get some sunshine this summer the trampoline roof is ideal to keep the harmful rays off the kids, giving good UV protection. If gales and snow are around the play roof is really easy to take off to avoid damage.

The trampoline roof is available for all our trampoline sizes – from 6ft to 15ft trampolines.

Author: Bob Bounce

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8 Responses to A great new product but keep a lid on it!

  1. holly thyrman says:

    Do u ship to us . I’m really interested in this for our trampoline and we can’t find anything like that here.please let me know

  2. Ester says:

    Can you please tell me how much will this trampoline play roof cause? I’m live in Reading, UK. Many Thanks.


    • The cost of a play roof depends on the size of your trampoline. For example, for a 6ft trampoline the price is £40 and for a 15ft trampoline the price is £64, both price examples include next working day delivery in the UK. Please note that you will need to have a trampoline enclosure fitted to your trampoline with bobble top caps in order for the trampoline roof to be secured. We can supply this as an additional item if necessary. For further information see http://www.atlantictrampolines.co.uk/roof-tents or call us free on 0800 032 5879 for more information.

  3. Keeva kingsbury says:

    We have a Plum Spacezone trampoline, would this tent cover suit? I see in comment above it is mentioned bobble top caps are needed – not sure the Plum has this, as material goes over the poles I believe? Thanks

    • I’m afraid our roof tent does not fit any Plum trampoline models that we know of. As you point out, the enclosure sleeve material covers the top of the enclosure poles so even if we supplied the bobble top caps (which are necessary to attach the roof tent frame to) you could not fit them to the top of the poles. If ever your enclosure needs replacing we could supply a new one which will incorporate the top caps, then you would be able to fit the roof tent. We have contacted Plum but apparently they have no plans to change their design. Do contact us on the Trampo-line if you need further advice – 0800 032 5879.

  4. Lucy Clark says:

    Hi, I have a tp 12 foot octagonal trampoline. Will one of your trampoline roofs fit this trampoline?

    • Hi Lucy, thank you for your interest in our trampoline roof product. For our roof tents to fit other makes of trampoline there need to be a number of similarities to our own trampolines. To secure the roof tent to the trampoline the top of the enclosure poles need to be fitted with bobble top caps like these ones http://www.atlantictrampolines.co.uk/net-pole-top-caps-4-legged-

      From what I can see the TP Octagonal trampoline’s enclosure poles don’t have these bobble top caps and I don’t think they could be fitted due to the top rail that is also attached at that point. If you need any further advice you can call our Trampo-line on 0800 032 5879 where our technical experts will be very pleased to help you.

      With strong winds forecast for the UK this weekend please make sure your trampoline is secure, as a flying trampoline can cause lots of damage to other property and severe disappointment to your children if it gets damaged.

      Kind regards, Andrew

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