Olympics Trampolining – the results

The London 2012 Olympic trampolining gold medals were won on 4th August by Rosannagh Maclennan from Canada and Dong Dong from China.

Rosannagh MaclennanDong Dong Trampolinist

China was arguably the most successful country at trampolining taking Men’s Gold and Bronze, and Women’s bronze and silver medals.

Read on to find out how the competition unfolded.

The Competitors

In total 32 trampolinists took part – 16 male and 16 female. All trampolinists performed 2 routines in the qualification rounds. Half of the competitors (8 male and 8 female) then went through to the finals, where they perform just one routine.

Women’s Trampoline Results

16 women took part in the qualification round, with 8 progressing through to the final.

Below are details of each competitors qualification round score and their final score.

Competitor Country Qualification Score Final Score
WENNA He China 105.500 – Qualified 55.950 – BRONZE
HUANG Shanshan China 104.759 – Qualified 56.730 – SILVER
PIATRENIA Tatsiana Bulgaria 104.755 – Qualified 55.670
MACLENNAN Rosannagh Canada 104.450 – Qualified 57.305 – GOLD
COCKBURN Karen Canada 103.945 – Qualified 55.860
GOLOVINA Luba Georgia 101.740 – Qualified 52.925
VINSANT Savannah USA 101.355 – Qualified 54.965
VORONINA Victoria Russia 100.995 – Qualified 21.915
DRISCOLL Katherine Great Britain 100.985 – Reserve
DOGONADZE Anna Germany 100.370 – Reserve
RENTE Ana Portugal 100.275
KHILKO Ekaterina Ukraine 99.290
LENDERS Andrea Netherlands 98.115
KISHI Ayano Japan 97.985
FRYDRYCHOVA Zita Czech Republic 76.560
KYIKO Maryna Uzbekistan 73.460

Men’s Trampoline Results

16 men took part in the qualification round, with 8 progressing through to the final.

Below are details of each competitors qualification round score and their final score.

Competitor Country Qualification Score Final Score
DONG Dong China 112.895 – Qualified 62.990 – GOLD
USHAKOV   Dmitry Russia 112.605 – Qualified 61.769 – SILVER
LU Chunlong China 112.299 – Qualified 61.319 – BRONZE
ITO Masaki Japan 109.810 – Qualified 60.895
UEYAMA Yasuhiro Japan 109.809 – Qualified 60.240
BURNETT Jason Canada 109.065 – Qualified 6.715
PENNES Gregoire France 107.539 – Qualified 58.805
FEDORENKO Nikita Russia 107.070 – Qualified 59.105
STEHLIK Henrik Germany 106.065 – Reserve
JENSEN Peter Denmark 104.695 – Reserve
CANNONE Flavio Italy 104.170
MODZEL Viachaslau Bulgaria 103.880
GAUDRY Blake Australia 84.255
NIKITIN Yuriy Ukraine 79.100
GANCHINHO Diogo Portugal 61.440
GLUCKSTEIN Steven USA 61.020

Our ones to watch – how did they get on?

In our previous Olympic Trampolining article we picked out several ‘ones to watch’, so how did they get on?

Karen Cockburn

The Canadian finished fourth overall, with a score of 55.860. She narrowly missed out on a bronze medal to He Wenna of China who scored 0.090 more than Karen. The gold medal was won by Karen’s pupil, training partner and friend Rosannagh Maclennan. When asked about the results Karen said;

“Fourth is the worst place to finish. But of course I’m happy for Rosie. So it’s mixed emotions. At the end, I for sure thought I was going to be fourth. And then the Chinese competitor fell. Then I thought for sure I was going to be third. Her routine was good, but it wasn’t that good. So when she fell I thought she’d be below my score. So it was like up, down, up, down, then the results came up and I was point-one out. Obviously, it’s a good day for Canada … to win a gold medal. But obviously I’m disappointed, too.’’

Kat Driscoll

The 26 year old Brit finished in 9th place during the qualifying round, therefore missing out on a place in the finals. On hearing her score, Kat said; “No-one wants to finish ninth do they?” she said. “I did the best routines I could do but they just weren’t good enough today.” It was her first routine that pulled her score down, scoring just 46,335.

We love this lego version of Kat Driscoll at the Olympics


The strong trampolining team that performed so well in Beijing stole the show in London winning a men’s gold and bronze, and women’s silver and bronze. Dong Dong won gold medal this year, after taking Bronze in Beijing four years ago. Chunlong Lu took bronze this year after winning gold in Beijing.


Author: Bob Bounce

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