10ft Trampolines: The Ultimate Guide

10ft trampoline

10ft trampoline with enclosure

The 10ft trampoline is one of the most popular trampolines on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. A good quality 10ft trampoline will keep trampolinists happy right the way through from their first bounce to their teenage years.

Read on to find out all you need to know about 10ft trampolines.

What age is a 10ft trampoline suitable for?

10ft trampolines are a great starter trampoline for trampoline new-comers as well as teenagers. If you are looking for a trampoline to accommodate both young and old bouncers, the 10ft trampoline is ideal as it is suitable for 5-16year-olds.

What weight does a 10ft trampoline hold?

A 10ft trampoline can take adults of up to 100kg (approx 16 stone), however this does not mean that 2 or more children can bounce on the trampoline at once. We recommend for safety reasons that only one person bounces on a 10ft trampoline at any time. However the 16 stone weight limit is useful if your children want to use the trampoline to sit and chat, or have a sleepover!

How much do 10ft trampolines cost?

10ft trampolines vary in price, depending on what kind of trampoline you’re after. Low priced trampolines are often found to be lower quality, and may not last very long. As 10ft trampolines are suitable for such a wide age range, it is advisable to get a quality trampoline that will last for years. Getting a quality 10ft trampoline from a well-known brand will also make it easier to find suitable accessories. Atlantic Trampolines 10ft trampolines and packages start from £181.

Is my garden suitable for a 10ft trampoline?

Not all gardens will be suitable for a trampoline, especially due to the circular shape of them.  A 10ft trampoline requires a considerable about of space and should only be considered if you have a reasonable sized garden.

Ensure that you measure your garden before ordering a 10ft trampoline. When placing a trampoline you must consider:

  • Find a flat area away from trees, fences, washing lines or other hazards
  • If you have a safety enclosure you should leave a 2ft strip around the trampoline, so when you are measuring make sure you have room for 14ft in diameter.
  • If you don’t have a safety enclosure you should leave an 8ft strip around the trampoline
  • Avoid placing the trampoline on a hard surface without crash matting or safety netting. Ideal surfaces are grass and wood chipping.

What Accessories are available for a 10ft trampoline?

10ft is a very common trampoline size, meaning that accessories are widely available. Below we have picked out our favourite of the 10ft trampoline accessories:

10ft trampoline enclosure

The ultimate safety accessory, you should always consider purchasing a safety net when buying a trampoline. The safety net fully encloses the bouncing area and is usually supported by poles.

10ft Safety skirt

The safety skirt not only covers the trampoline legs, make the trampoline look better in the garden, it is also a vital safety accessory. The safety skirt prevents young children and dogs from roaming under the trampoline mat and being injured.

10ft trampoline cover

Protect your trampoline from the elements during winter (and summer if you’re in the UK) with a 10ft trampoline cover.

10ft Circus Tent10ft trampoline circus tent

One of our most fun accessories, the circus tent enables bouncers to use the trampoline during any weather and gives the trampoline a circus look!


If you have any more questions about 10ft trampolines, call the Trampo-line to speak to our experts on 0800 032 5879.

Author: Bob Bounce

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