Cheap Trampolines: Why to avoid them!

Last week we heard of yet another product recall issued by a trampoline manufacturer, this time in the USA.  The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall on  November, 28 2012 for more than 23,000 Sportspower trampolines sold exclusively at Sports Authority stores.  The CPSC states that the 14ft trampoline’s metal legs can move out of position and puncture the jumping area.  This can cause damage to the trampoline mat if someone bounces on the trampoline in this situation, but more importantly it could cause serious injury to the bouncer.

Atlantic Trampoline’s patented T section joint secures the frame ring to the leg

This fault could occur when the frame ring becomes separated from the leg tube, most likely when the trampoline is moved by lifting the frame ring.  With the Atlantic Trampoline our patented “T-section” joints give a tight fit to connect the frame ring and leg tube.  BUT it is always important to check all the leg tubes are securely connnected before using the trampoline, and especially after moving the trampoline.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported, however it is known that in one incident the trampoline separated from the frame and caused a puncture to the jumping mat.

This is more evidence that buying a cheap trampoline can be a false economy, and possibly also dangerous.

Trampoline T section joint which secures the frame ring to the trampoline leg without the need for a weld

The most recent recall notice, concerning the Sportspower Parkside model TR-14FT-COM, comes close after Sportspower issued a voluntary recall on their netting of their 14ft BouncePro trampoline TR-1463A which was found to tear prematurely when exposed to the outdoors, leading to a potential fall hazard.

Atlantic Trampolines offer a full parts replacement service so, even if parts of your trampoline wear of become damaged by weather, you can easily obtain the replacement parts to keep the trampoline looking in tip-top condition, keeping it safe to use and operating at peak performance for the user.

If you require any advice about care and maintenance of your trampoline, or if you need to source some replacement parts, then call our team of experts  free on the Trampo-line 0800 032 5879.

Author: Bob Bounce

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  1. Eddie says:

    Great post! It’s a known fact that most trampoline manufacturers do the minimum to meet the CPSC requirements for trampolines, so it’s good to get this kinda of information out there.

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