Using your New Trampoline

So you got a new trampoline for Christmas, you have mastered the art of bouncing, and are now ready to start trying some jumps. Here are a list of the most popular for you to try – and they aren’t just fun, they are great for improving your flexibility, and fitness too!

1.The Tuck Jump is as simple jump. As you go into the air you bend your knees so that you are in a crouched position, then you straighten your legs again to land.

2.The Seat Drop is another simple move. As you jump, you lift your legs out in front of you so that you land in a seated pose. You can then bounce up, so you land on your feet.

3.The Pike Jump is similar to the Tuck Jump, but instead of bending your knees, you straighten them out in front of your body and lean forward to try to touch your toes with your hands.

Once you have mastered these basic moves, you can move on to front and back somersaults, barani’s and even double somersaults… but always make sure that you are comfortable doing the basics before moving on to anything more complicated!

Author: Bob Bounce

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