How to Keep Children Safe While Trampolining

Trampolines are great fun for children (and big children!), as well as being a really good for exercise. However, many parents are understandably worried about the dangers associated with trampolining.

It is worth knowing that around 75% trampolining related injuries happen when more than one child is on a trampoline, and under six-year-olds are particularly vulnerable so should only use trampolines that are suitable for their age range.

At Atlantic Trampolines, we are very serious when it comes to trampoline safety, and we are members of the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA). We often here from concerned parents who want to buy their children a trampoline, but are worried about the risks. So we have put together a list of basic rules to follow when buying and using a trampoline that should help children have fun and stay safe whilst trampolining:

What Trampoline Should you buy?

There is currently no British Manufacturing Standard for home & garden trampolines, but look out for trampolines with safety pads covering all the springs, hooks & frame, as well as a safety net or safety enclosure. If the trampoline you buy doesn’t come with these safety features included, you can buy them separately if you make sure that the trampoline you are buying will fit these parts.

Where Should You Put your Trampoline?

  • Find an area in your garden clear from hazards such as trees, fences and washing lines
  • Trampolines should ideally be stood on a soft ground that absorbs energy, such as a grass lawn, sand or bark
  • Make sure that you have safety nets or crash mats around the trampoline if you have to place it on a hard surface
  • Keep all toys, bikes and skateboards a safe distance from the trampoline
  • How Can Children Stay Safe Whilst Trampolining?

  • Check your trampoline for holes and damage before use, and ensure that the legs are locked into place
  • Be sure to take off all jewellery, and clothing that could get caught on the trampoline before you start using it. You can buy a trampoline shoe bag that you can attach to your trampoline to hold all possessions safe while bouncing
  • Only allow one person onto the trampoline at one time
  • Don’t allow children to use the trampoline unsupervised
  • Don’t allow children to do tricks and somersaults if they have not previously had professional training
  • Set trampolining rules before children start using the trampoline, so that everyone is aware what is safe and what isn’t safe to do
  • And feel free to call our Trampo-line on 0800 032 5879 if you have any further concerns or questions.

    Author: Bob Bounce

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