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Having been involved in a business project recently where the key to success was sustainability has made me think more about how sustainability applies to trampolines. This was reinforced when visiting the local rubbish depot where I was shocked at the queues of vehicles waiting to unload their household rubbish. It was as busy at the local shopping centre. Much of what was being dumped seemed to still have a useful life, just no longer of use to the existing owner. Why can we not have a better way to transfer ownership of things we no longer need to those who want them? I suppose eBay, charity shops and even Freecycle do this to an extent but perhaps there should be more of an incentive to use these services.

This made me think about our trampolines and how sustainable they are.

Firstly, a trampoline can offer fun and excitement for your children from age 5 to when they leave home. Children do not seem to lose interest in it, whatever their ages, so it provides great value for money too. What other piece of play equipment can offer such long lasting interest? (Answers by comment below please) And even when the children leave home you can keep it for the grandchildren! As parents keep saying to me, “the trampoline is the best thing we have ever bought for our children”.

Secondly, the frame of a trampoline, particularly those supplied by Atlantic Trampolines, will last for many years if cared for correctly. The steel is hot dipped galvanised both inside and outside the tubing so the frame is well protected from rust. But we also provide a full parts service so repairs and replacements of worn parts is easy to achieve. We sell all parts individually, right down to a single spring or a bolt. This means the trampoline can be maintained for as long as you want. A special feature of the Atlantic Trampolines service.

And if, once your children have left home, you decide to move to a house with a smaller garden or no longer wish to keep the trampoline you might want to sell it to another family. If you do this make sure they check it thoroughly first for damage to the frame and that all other parts are in good condition. Give them our contact details too so we can continue to supply them with genuine Atlantic Trampoline parts for years to come.

Sadly most of our competitors are not interesting in supplying spare parts for the trampolines they sell. So, I expect if I see a trampoline in a skip it will be one of theirs. How long can this “throw away society” continue? Sometimes a product that looks cheap at the point of purchase is actually very expensive when the whole life cost is taken into consideration. As my father often told me, “if you buy cheap you buy twice”.

Author: Bob Bounce

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