Spot the Trampoline

Trampoline after storm damage

After the severe Winter weather many trampolines have have been damaged due to high winds, cold temperatures and not being secured to the ground.  This trampoline in the USA ended up in the trees.

The lesson is to make sure that, particularly during periods when storms are common, you secure the trampoline to the ground to stop it being blown away using a trampoline anchor kit.

Even though your trampoline may have blown away and incurred some damage it might be salvageable.  At Atlantic Trampolines we offer a full parts replacement service.  Many of the parts we supply will fit other makes of trampoline too, particularly the trampoline mat, the trampoline padding, the trampoline springs, the trampoline ladder, the trampoline net, the trampoline frame parts and the trampoline enclosure poles.  Most of these trampoline parts are available for next day delivery to UK addresses and a little longer for addresses abroad.

Spot the trampoline

If you are unsure what parts you need or whether our parts will fit your make of trampoline, then give our Trampo-team a call on the Trampo-line 0800 032 5879.  They have lots of experience and will be pleased to help you.

See if you can spot the trampoline in this photo?

Perhaps the owner will fit a trampoline anchor kit to their next trampoline to keep it safely on the ground in future.

Author: Bob Bounce

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