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Trampoline pads (or trampoline spring padding as we call it) will often need replacing at this time of year.  During the Summer many of the cheaper and poorly made trampoline padding will crack in the heat, especially if they are covered totally in a PE material (polyethylene) and this deterioration will continue and be made worse by the Winter storms.  Sometimes the trampoline padding will blow away altogether.

It is important to replace the trampoline pads if they become damaged as this is an essential safety feature of the trampoline design, protecting the user from injury if they fall on to the trampoline springs or frame, aswell as preventing limbs from being trapped between the trampoline frame, trampoline mat and trampoline springs.

Trampoline pads can be damaged in other ways.  It has been known for people to use the trampoline and enclosure as a dog pen and keep their dog inside it.  However, often the dog becomes bored or restless and will destroy the trampoline pad by chewing it.

Dog on a trampoline destroys the trampoline pad

The trampoline pads supplied with a new Atlantic Trampoline, or as a replacement part to fit most makes of round trampoline, are covered on the upper surface with vinyl which is more hard wearing than PE so stands up to strong sunlight better, although we’ve not tested it with a dog yet!

To maximise the life of the trampoline pad we suggest during the Summer you use the trampoline cover we supply with all our trampolines, which covers the trampoline mat and the trampoline pad and protects both from strong sunshine, birds droppings etc.   During the winter the trampoline cover is even more important as the trampoline mat and trampoline padding can become damaged by flying debris such as fireworks or falling branches, high winds and frost.  If the trampoline is not being used during the Winter then you may prefer to remove the trampoline pad and store it inside the garage of garden shed.

Atlantic Trampolines supply trampoline pads as a replacement part to fit their own and other makes of round trampoline.  To order a new trampoline pad you will need to know the size of your trampoline.  This is the total diameter of the trampoline from the outside edge, across the centre to the opposite outside edge.  It is not the diameter of the mat alone.  It will normally be a whole number of feet (eg 12ft or 14ft) – we’ve not gone metric yet!  For more information about measuring for your trampoline pad click the link.

Our trampoline pads will only fit round trampolines of the size they are designed for.  They will not fit larger or smaller trampolines than they were designed for, neither will they fit trampolines of different shapes.  If you are unsure what to order then please call us on the freephone Trampo-line to discuss first 0800 032 5879.

Author: Bob Bounce

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