Damaged Trampoline Mat

The photo below is typical of many we receive from customers who are looking for a replacement trampoline mat when their existing mat has been damaged.  Send us a comment with your (most imaginative!) suggestion as to how this damage was caused.

Damaged trampoline bounce mat

Atlantic Trampolines stock replacement trampoline mats that can be used for many other makes of trampolines as well as the Atlantic brand. To discuss what you need contact Atlantic Trampolines by email on [email protected] or on the freephone Trampo-line 0800 032 5879.

Before contacting us please check the size of your trampoline by measuring from one outside edge to the opposite edge across the centre of the trampoline.  Do not guess the diameter as this often leads to mistakes! Also you will need to know the number of springs on the trampoline and, if possible, the length of each spring when it is not under tension. To check the length of the trampoline springs you need to remove one spring from the trampoline and measure the total length, from the tip of one hook to the end of the other one.

Please note that a trampoline mat in this condition should not be used as it could easily give way when put under pressure by somebody bouncing on it leading to possible serious injury.

We look forward to reading your ideas of what caused the damage to the trampoline mat shown above.

Author: Bob Bounce

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