On Space Time Foam by artist Tomas Saraceno

A new art installation in Italy could provide inspiration for a revolutionary leisure facility.  The massive 121 square-metre trampoline, part of an art installation called On Space Time Foam, is suspended 20m above the ground at HangarBicocca, Milan.

The structure is made of three levels of clear plastic film which people can walk, jump, climb or just lie on.   The installation was the dream child of 39 year-old Argentinean artist, Tomas Saraceno, and required months of engineering and testing to achieve a working structure which made use of new materials and techniques.  It comprises three clear sheets to represent the area between earth and sky.  The sensation is something between a trampoline and a large bouncy castle.

On Space Time Foam

Bouncers can lose their spatial coordination as they bounce around and get tangled up in the three levels of clear film hanging in the air which changes shape as people move on it.

In the words of the artist,

“The film levels constituting the living core of HangarBicocca are constantly altered by climate and the simple movement of people. Each step, each breath, modifies the entire space – it is a metaphor for how our interrelations affect the Earth and other universes.”

Tomas’ art work transforms and changes shape when people move around in it – like it’s a living organism.

The work of art was possible thanks to the collaboration of a team of engineers and Lindstrand Technologies, a leading company in the research and production of aerostatic materials and products, hot-air balloons and space vehicles.

This is not the first of Tomas Saraceno’s art works what have created such wonder and amazement.  In May 2012 he set up Cloud City on the roof of the Met Museum in New York.  That consisted of large interconnecting modules constructed with transparent and reflective materials, grouped in a non-linear formation.  Visitors were able to walk through the installation at their leisure to explore the world according to Tomas Saraceno.

On Space Time Foam – a view from Earth

Unfortunately, only adults can experience using the structure as those under 18 are not allowed.

What an experience! On Space Time Foam

Author: Bob Bounce

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