Trampoline Damaged by Chinese Lantern

A recent incident in Wolverhampton has demonstrated how trampolines can be liable to damage at this time of year.

Damaged caused to George and Samuel Downs’ trampoline from a chinese lantern

The trampoline mat, trampoline pad and trampoline enclosure appear to have been damaged as the burning chinese lantern fell back to earth and landed on the childrens’ trampoline at their home in Wolverhampton. The brothers were apparently devastated as the lantern fell from the sky, landed on their trampoline and burnt a large hole in it.

Although fire crews were called they were unable to prevent serious damage to the trampoline at the home of four year old George Downs and his three year old brother Samuel. Their mother was alerted to the lantern by a neighbour at 5pm on Monday and although she ran from the kitchen with saucepans full of water to put the fire out, serious damage had already been caused to the trampoline by the burning lantern.

Miss Downs, 25, of Rooker Crescent said, “It was a present for Samuel for his second birthday from his grandparents, and George has said he’s going to ask Santa for a new one for Christmas.”

“The firefighters said it was lucky it didn’t spread to the trees nearby,” she added.

The unfortunate incident occurred on Guy Fawkes night, 5 November. Andrew Jardine, Chief Bouncer, at Atlantic Trampolines, one of the UK’s largest garden trampoline suppliers commented, “garden trampolines can easily be damaged at this time of year by falling fireworks, although this is the first time I have heard of a chinese lantern landing on a trampoline. We recommend the use of a trampoline cover (which we supply with all our new trampolines) is used to protect the trampoline mat and trampoline padding, from falling objects such as fireworks. It would also be sensible to move the trampoline to a protected area, perhaps under a tree, which would catch falling objects before they land on the trampoline. An alternative could be to lift the trampoline on to its side for the duration of Guy Fawkes night so less area if exposed for objects to fall on it”.

Andrew went on to explain. “Trampolines are suscepitible to damaage from hot objects such as fireworks and sparks from a bonfire. We are often contacted by trampoline owners who have found holes in their trampoline mat or padding caused by bonfire sparks. In the Summer we often hear of incidences where someone at a barbeque party has used the trampoline mat to extinguish their cigarette, but of course the trampoline mat and padding are not designed to withstand this heat and will melt.”

If your trampoline is damaged by in such a way then it may be possible to replace the damaged parts without going to the extent of buying a whole new trampoline. Atlantic Trampolines are a specialist garden trampoline supplier and offer a unique parts replacement service, many of their parts fitting other makes of trampoline. Using this service can mean a trampoline repair can easily be affected saving money and the time of disposing of the old trampoline parts and assembling a new one. The staff at Atlantic Trampolines are experts and are happy to advise on the most cost effective solution to repair a damaged trampoline.

Andrew went on to stress, “under no circumstances should people use a trampoline that is damaged as this could cause serious injury.” He went on to comment that in Miss Downs situation it is quite possible the trampoline mat, trampoline padding and enclosure net could be replaced for less than the cost buying a whole new trampoline.

You can contact Atlantic Trampolines to discuss what trampoline parts you may need by emailing them on [email protected] or calling them on the freephone Trampo-line 0800 032 5879. All Atlantic Trampolines spare parts are available with free next working delivery across the UK mainland, helping make a repair even more cost effective.

Author: Bob Bounce

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