Ordering a Replacement Jump Mat

Ordering a Replacement Jump Mat

We know that certain parts of the trampoline need replacing and people are under the impression that all trampolines have the same design, this is not true and the designs do differ between manufacture so we thought that a quick guide to show what measurements need to be checked before ordering a replacement jump mat from us that is not going on an atlantictrampoline.

To order a mat for an round trampoline frame, you will need to take three measurements.

1. Count the number of holes in the frame. This is the number of triangles your new mat will have.
2. Measure directly across the frame from end to end in 2 directions, This measurement is the frame and not the jump mat you are replacing.
3. Measure one spring from end of hook to end of hook.

Please measure carefully and double check your counting as our jump mats are designed for our trampolines but may be suitable for other makes if the specifications are the same.

6ft to 14ft trampoline spring length: 165mm
15ft trampoline spring length: 180mm

Number Of Springs On Trampoline:
6ft= 42
8ft= 48
10ft= 54
12ft= 72
13ft= 80
14ft= 88
15ft= 100

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6 Responses to Ordering a Replacement Jump Mat

  1. Jim Donaldson says:

    This was an extremely useful blog post which I found very useful indeed. Pleased to see you sell so many parts for the trampolines too which will allow me to rebuild our trampoline after it blew over the fence in the storms. My daughter will be so happy as she thought the trampoline was going to the dump.

  2. Louisa Thompson says:

    Hia, I’m looking to replace my jump mat for my 15 ft trampoline, it has 100 springs, can u let me no if I have any in stock please. Thank you. Louisa.

  3. Toby Sharp says:

    I am replacing the mat on my 13ft atlantic trampoline that I bought several years ago. I measured the springs and they are 170mm not 165mm. Will the replacement mat fit?

    • Thanks for your enquiry Toby. We have not changed the design of our 13ft trampoline so the springs, if it is an Atlantic Trampoline, would originally have been 165mm and have probably stretched. It is also important to measure them at rest, in other words when they are taken off the trampoline and not under tension. If you hold the spring up to the light you should not be able to see any light between the coils. If you can, the springs have stretched. A new mat should fit fine and you can order one here, even if the springs do measure 170mm


      When installing the new mat remember to put the springs on at 3,6,9 and 12 o’clock positions first, then split the gaps until all the springs are on. If you have lost your spring loading tool we can supply another one


      We also supply new springs if you ever need them. Call us on the Trampo-line 0800 032 5879 if you need more detailed advice.

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